Bocas Carey Natural AssociationBocas del Toro, Panama


In February 17th, 1997, the Mayor and the City Council of Bocas del Toro declared Bluff Beach as a Municipal Reserve, in order to preserve not only the beach, but also the nesting site for sea turtles, one of the most important of the region. In 1999, through other authorities regulation, the reserve was reglamented.
In 2010, Sea Turtles Conservancy (STC), an international organization, while doing scientific researchs on the sea turtles, together with other actors of the region such as Smithsonian Institute and Alianza Bocas, promoted the creation of a community organization that would help in the monitoring.
That organization is ANABOCA (Bocas Carey Natural Association) whose members, after formalize their status, participated in various trainings to improve their organizational, technical and operational skills to be ready for the challenge of managing the reserve and ensure the presence of the sea turtles in the future.
Bluff Beach
Is located on Colon Island, at short distance (5 kilometers) of the town of Bocas. To reach the beach during the day you can rent a bicycle in the center or use a taxi. At night, when the seaturtles come to nest, it is mandatory that the visitation to the beach at this time must be conducted by a certified guide of ANABOCA.