Bocas Carey Natural AssociationBocas del Toro, Panama


The indigenous community of Playa Bluff is made up of original Ngäbe settlers, actually about 120 people, who live in 16 houses. The community was created over 70 years by family groups from the mainland, south-east of the archipelago of Bocas del Toro in the region that today is part of the Comarca Ngäbe-Bugle. Its inhabitants are principally engaged in temporary work and the joint management of family land in subsistence farms. Most of them speak the spanish language in addition to its original, the ngäbere.

In recent times, by increasing pressure from residential and tourist development in areas of great beauty as Bluff, the community has been marginalized by investors and domestic and foreign landowners. Activities such as sand mining, extraction of turtle eggs and the realization of TV shows Survivor type have high impact on the beach and in the community.

In response to such activities, a group of community youth has formed the Natural Association Bocas Carey (ANABOCA) to work in the conservation of the natural resources in the area, and to create economic opportunities that assist in conservation.

In 2010, ANABOCA started working in a biological research project of sea turtles together with the international organization Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), and a year later began the activity of taking tourists to see sea turtles nesting, to take advantage of the increased tourism activities in the region.