Bocas Carey Natural AssociationBocas del Toro, Panama


The Bocas Carey Natural Association (ANABOCA) is a community organization formed by the original inhabitants of the regions adjacent to Bluff Beach, who have joined to carry out various activities aimed at the conservation of sea turtles that come to nest to that beach as well as to preserve this important habitat not only for those mentioned turtles but also for many other species of regional wildlife.

This same group, has signed an agreement with the Municipality of Bocas del Toro, manager of the Reserve, for them to be the managers, becoming instruments of conservation and education for tourists who come to observe the nesting sea turtles, and be vigilant against harmful activities such as extraction of turtle eggs from their nests, killing of nesting females arriving, use of bright lights, sound equipment, sand mining and others.

ANABOCA has a protocol for visits to the beach at night that has to be followed by visitors and that begins with that such visits should be conducted by a certified guide of the organization and continues with various rules of conduct during the sighting of turtles.

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